Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial Door Hardware

Choosing the right combination of access control and commercial security door locks will ensure the safety, security, and productivity of your facilities. But how do you know which commercial door security systems you need?

System Integrations can help you determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Commercial Door Locks

A commercial door lock system may look like the locks you see in a home or apartment building, but the strength and functionality are what sets business door locks apart. Before getting into how these locks work in a commercial access control system, you first must differentiate between which ones are rated for the heavy use and protection needed in an office or commercial setting. There are three grades for commercial door locks:

  • Grade 3 locks are standard issue locks, commonly used inside homes or for interior office doors. While Grade 3 commercial door locks are available, they are not recommended for use on exterior doors, or for spaces that need high-security commercial door locks.
  • Grade 2 commercial door locks are used in areas that have more traffic and need better security, like an office building or lobby area. They are more durable than Grade 3 locking mechanisms, which make them a common option for commercial spaces.
  • Grade 1 is the strongest of the commercial door lock types and gives the best security with the longest lifespan. Often used in high-security areas such as hospitals, schools, and museums. Grade 1 commercial door locks stand up to heavy use, are made with durable materials, and are harder to breach.

A commercial door lock system grade is determined by looking at the durability of the components such as the commercial door strike plate, lock cylinder, deadbolts, or latches, plus the handles, levers, buttons, or knobs. The grade is also measured by the strength of the locking mechanisms, and how well the system holds up over time. It’s important to note that different types of buildings and areas have specific compliance requirements for commercial security door locks and business smart locks. Ask a professional office smart lock installer to ensure the locks you want comply with local regulations.

Commercial Access Control Systems Vs. Commercial Smart Door Locks

A commercial building access control system is used to control many doors, buildings, and users. It’s best for large commercial properties and enterprise businesses managing hundreds or thousands of daily users but is equally important in managing security for smaller offices and retail spaces. Commercial door access control systems are typically found on exterior doors and main entrances, and can also be installed on interior doors, and to limit access for turnstiles, parking garages, and elevators. These types of systems are managed via a centralized workstation or cloud-based software dashboard, where security teams can view access activity across all doors, update permissions, and issue new credentials. With a cloud system, security managers also benefit from remote access to all data and controls.

In contrast, commercial security door locks are designed primarily for interior doors and entrances. The most popular type of electronic door locks for business are smart locks, as they have advanced features that offer improved security. Many businesses opt to add a smart lock for office doors because they are less expensive than installing a full access security system. One of the key differences between a smart lock and a commercial building access control system is that commercial security door locks can be part of the access control network. As a standalone device, a smart lock for businesses can be installed on just one door, or on many. However, software for each of these devices will need to be installed manually, and managing many smart commercial door locks may prove cumbersome without an access control network.

Benefits of a Commercial Keyless Door Lock System

There are quite a few reasons businesses are opting to go keyless with their commercial access control systems. Though commercial smart door locks and keyless door locks are more expensive up front, there are many benefits that make them the preferred choice as the security system for office doors. With keyless and touchless entry for commercial doors, businesses can make getting into the building more convenient and more secure, while also improving ROI across the entire organization.

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Specializing in security around the door, Allegion furnishes locks (both mechanical and electrical), door closers, exit devices, steel doors, and frames. It has also broken new technological ground with biometrics, special surfaces, video surveillance, wireless connectivity, cloud technology, and other electronic safety solutions.

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Openpath is a leading provider of mobile and keyless commercial security access control systems for business. Built on an open-architecture platform, Openpath gives businesses the ability to easily integrate their commercial keyless door locks with other security systems for business, including automatic door opener hardware, alarm systems, and security software. Openpath’s easy-to-use mobile credentials enable completely touchless entry for commercial doors, helping to make offices safer and more convenient. For businesses with multiple locations and buildings, Openpath offers scalable commercial access control solutions that are also backwards compatible with legacy systems. Plus, the flexible hardware and software are also designed to support touchless elevators, turnstiles, parking garages, and commercial gate access control systems.

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