Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

During an emergency, the speed and accuracy of voice communications and data getting to those in harm’s way can have a life-altering impact on public safety. System Integrations offers purpose-built commercial emergency notification systems that help you reach people across your facility during emergency situations, for instant audio/visual alerts and mass notification messaging, keeping everyone safe, protected, and informed during a wide range of critical events.

We offer the following brands:


Louroe Electronics

Located in Van Nuys, California, Louroe Electronics is a leader in audio monitoring technology since its inception in 1979. Recognized globally, Louroe Electronics’ products are used in over 60 countries and are utilized by both the private sector and government. The company’s Digifact™ and Verifact® line of microphones, complementing base stations, and communication accessories, provide mic and line level output to interface with various digital electronics. For over four decades, Louroe Electronics has maintained rigorous standards to ensure its products provide reliability, durability, and excellent performance for its customers’ needs.


Founded in 2004, Omnilert was the first company to establish the emergency mass notification market. It continues to be the innovation leader and most trusted partner to over 2,500 customers across diverse industries, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, private and public sector organizations. Omnilert offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and incident management, as well as the most comprehensive multichannel communications. Uniquely, the organization employs automation and next-generation artificial intelligence to expedite emergency response and enable detection and visualization of critical incidents.


SaferWatch mobile application connects staff, students, teachers, parents, and law enforcement during emergency and non-emergency situations. Users can report incidents via text, audio, video, pictures, and GPS location. Key features like live streaming video, safety check-ins and anonymous tips allow users to send something when they see something.

Singlewire Software

Singlewire Software develops and supports a suite of InformaCast software solutions to help you add value to existing technology and build a robust notification ecosystem. Whether you need to broadcast IP phones, send SMS text messages, reach a wide array of devices, or automate your existing systems, Singlewire Software’s InformaCast, InformaCast Mobile, and InformaCast Fusion offerings will provide a centralized, cost-effective solution for you. Over 7,000 organizations ranging from small K-12 schools to large retail corporations rely on InformaCast for their communication and safety needs.


Talkaphone is the industry leader in emergency communications, area of refuge, and mass notification systems, providing the best quality, technology, and support. With over 80 years of experience creating communications solutions, Talkaphone designs attractive, robust, reliable products, focuses on continuous technology advancement, and pledges a total commitment to customer and partner success.


ThreeSixty has been focused on protecting our most precious resources for more than 20 years. ThreeSixty, previously known as Teradon Industries, is a software-based content distribution and classroom media management manufacturing company based in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. The concept behind the distribution and management was to develop a user-friendly, software-driven system to deliver content to the classroom. The idea and product delivery were so well received and adopted that Teradon was approached to design a flexible, software-driven school intercom and paging system. The intercom system became a huge success and led to the development of other products and the expansion into a national competitor in the communications marketplace.