Low Voltage Data

Low Voltage Data

Low-voltage cabling is electrical wiring and trim that requires less current to power infrastructural technologies such as phones, security wires, fire alarms, intercoms, internet, and more. Low-voltage wiring is essential for a business because it handles the bulk of the technology infrastructure.

Low-voltage cabling determines the security, reliability, and speed of a company's operations, so it is important to not cut corners on its installation. Since low-voltage cabling does not require a master electrician to install, some companies try to install all structured wiring in-house. This approach can be short-sighted and often leads to long-term headaches. Because low-voltage wiring handles so many vital systems, it’s easy to end up with an entangled web of computer networks, customer interface, HD video, audio, and Wi-Fi cabling.

When you are ready to install the best in quality data, voice, and video cabling infrastructure, you need look no further than System Integrations. Let us design and install your next cabling system to your specific requirements.

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SYSTIMAX is CommScope’s comprehensive copper and fiber structured cabling solution. Combining high-bandwidth data connectivity and power, the solution is engineered for long-term performance that anticipates future network changes and convergence.

Future-ready physical layer network infrastructure for a rapidly changing connectivity environment. From design and deployment to management and moves, adds and changes, SYSTIMAX delivers the performance, flexibility, and reliability that no other solutions can match.

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60 years of smarter infrastructure solutions. Panduit’s industrial electrical and network infrastructure ensures smart, scalable, and efficient connectivity solutions across the enterprise to help you compete and succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace.

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