Public Safety BDA & DAS (ERRCS)

Public Safety BDA & DAS (ERRCS)

Public safety radio systems need to be 100% reliable, with comprehensive coverage inside and outside buildings. Public safety BDA and DAS solutions are built to guarantee communications for police, fire and first responders' radio systems. Also, new construction of commercial buildings and large apartment complexes are now required to have public safety systems that comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Bottom line: The radios need to work inside these structures to help save lives.

A public safety DAS system often has these critical components:

  • The donor antenna receives the signal from public safety radio system and a BDA (bi-directional amplifier) amplifies those signals, and then evenly distributes the amplified signals throughout the building via the Distributed Antenna System (DAS).
  • The DAS is the in-building network of coax cables, splitters, and antennas
  • In larger facilities, DAS will be designed using fiber to avoid signal loss over long distances
  • The battery backup system ensures that the system operates in the event of power failure

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems

System Integrations' Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERCES) are engineered to support P25 first responder communication systems using a wide range of two-way radio frequency (RF) spectrums to meet the requirements of virtually any jurisdiction:

  • VHF (150 MHz -170 MHz)
  • UHF (450 MHz -512 MHz)
  • 700 MHz /800 MHz
  • FirstNet® / Band 14

Primary Applications For Public Safety BDA-DAS Systems

  • New building construction
  • Residential apartment complexes
  • Expanding existing facilities or buildings
  • Bringing older buildings up to code

Safety Codes Requiring Adequate Public Safety ERRC

Most local jurisdictions will enforce amended versions or use different codebooks. System Integrations ' DAS experts stay up to date on all these changes. We have relationships with many of the AHJs and understand specifically how they are interpreting code compliance. Contact us to find the local emergency responder radio code requirements for your project and area.

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