Body-Worn Camera Solutions

Whether you are looking to deploy a new video security solution, equip your team with body-worn cameras, or leverage analytics through purpose-built applications, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Wearable Security for The Connected World

Edesix body-worn cameras have been proved to deter aggression and protect those working on the front line, while providing tamper-proof evidence to secure convictions. Its body-worn cameras are robust, secure, user-friendly, and are relied upon by police, prison services, security teams and emergency services workers globally.


Built for customer-facing teams, the VT100 includes customizable name tag and remote alarm activation. Lightweight, intuitive, and the power to integrate with fixed CCTV cameras makes the VT100 a perfect fit for connected workers.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Take control of the situation.

The VB400 is the next generation of body-worn camera technology. Rugged build quality. High performance. Multiple ways to connect. Delivering the features, you need to take control of every situation.

Edesix Body Worn Cameras

Evidence Management Solutions

Edesix provides you with VideoManager, the most advanced software tool for managing video footage, system users, and your suite of body-worn cameras

This web-based back-office gives you complete control over your entire complement of VideoBadges, as well as footage from third-party cameras, making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple, and secure. VideoManager is a fully customizable digital evidence management solution. It lets you prepare, process, and share high-quality video evidence from your suite of body-worn cameras.