The Leading Access Control System

Our cloud-based access control software and state-of-the-art hardware implement instantly, integrate easily, and create a system of record that delivers ultimate administrative control.

Touchless, reliable, mobile, and secure.

Openpath was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were tired of forgetting their office keys at home, frustrated with having to carry multiple badges to get into their buildings, and seriously worried about the security of their workspace given the state of the world today.

Openpath worked extremely hard to build a company that can offer a new, seamless style of security that takes advantage of the latest technologies and makes people feel safe at work. Access Control is the flagship product in their mission to improve the quality and safety of the modern workspace through automation.

On July 15, 2021, Openpath was acquired by Motorola Solutions, and Openpath’s mission has been turbocharged now that it is part of a much larger security platform. Motorola Solutions is a leader in the physical security industry, and our combined access control solutions can provide customers the right solution to match the growth, size, or scale of their business at any stage.

Access Control Solution

The Complete Access Control Solution

Openpath’s access control system is created with scalable technologies designed to secure everything from a single door, office, or global enterprise with multiple buildings.

Modern Hardware

Easy-to-install readers and controllers with live video, two-way intercom, and touchless capabilities in a sleek design.

Cloud-Based Software

Instant systemwide communication and updates all managed remotely via the cloud.

Encrypted Credentials

Our readers support touchless access with smartphones, cards, fobs, and Apple Watch.

On-Premise Solutions

On-site access control systems compatible with Mercury hardware and browser-based software.

Experience Award-Winning Access Control

  • Fast, reliable patented Triple Unlock technology that supports multiple secure access methods
  • Touchless mobile experience with digital badges, guest passes, and two-way intercom capabilities
  • Secure cloud-based software with remote management and automatic system updates
  • Real-time activity alerts, tracking, and visual monitoring
  • Seamless integrations through our open API platform
  • Beautifully designed hardware installs effortlessly to support anywhere from a single door to a multi-site enterprise