Physical Infrastructure That Helps You Unlock The Full Potential of Your Organization

60 years of smarter infrastructure solutions. With experience across a wide spectrum of industries, Panduit’s strategic network infrastructure and industrial electrical wiring solutions turn connectivity into a competitive advantage.

Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955, it launched its first product: Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time, Panduit has introduced thousands of problem-solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.

Today, customers look to Panduit as a trusted adviser who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their data center, enterprise, and industrial environments. Its proven reputation for quality and technology leadership coupled with a robust ecosystem of partners across the world enables Panduit to deliver comprehensive solutions that unify the physical infrastructure to help its customers achieve operational and financial goals.

The quality of your infrastructure has a direct impact on the success of your business. As a leader in infrastructure products and services for data networks and electrical power applications, Panduit helps you create connectivity solutions that give you the ability to become more productive and adaptable across your organization.

Panduit infrastructure

Wire Organization, Management & Protection

Panduit wire routing management and protection products offer premium solutions for your unique application needs.