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Whether you’re looking for a custom film theatre, bespoke conference room presentation system or a cost-effective interactive whiteboard installation, Smart Audio Visual will take the time to understand your individual requirements and tailor our services to your needs.

Based in Hertfordshire and Derbyshire, with over 15 years’ experience, Smart Audio Visual specialize in providing audio visual design, installation, and video production services for a wide range of clients in both public and private sectors.

Education Solutions

Audio visual technology for classrooms is continually evolving. A few years ago, the only choice an education establishment had to make was which logo they would like to have on their order of new interactive whiteboards. But now it’s not so simple...

More options are becoming available for educators each year. Also, without the obligation of having to heed the advice from government-funded bodies anymore – whose ear may not be so close to the ground – schools, colleges, and universities now have more responsibility in deciding what is the best solution for their students.

If your current generation of interactive whiteboards is reaching the end of its operating life and you are looking to upgrade, refit, or refurbish your classrooms, we’ve prepared a breakdown of the options that now face you in the ever-changing AV landscape.

Interactive Whiteboard and Digital Projector

Interactive Whiteboard and Digital Projector

The interactive whiteboard combined with a digital projector is the classroom AV solution most educators are familiar with. Using SMART Classroom Suite software, interactive whiteboards offer an array of educational tools for teachers, in addition to other personal computer functions, such as web browsing and playing media.

If you are planning to stick with your interactive whiteboard system, or simply upgrade to the latest model, there is still a choice to make regarding your accompanying digital projector. There are three main types of projector available, and each has its own series of advantages.