SYSTIMAX Sets the Standard

Future-ready physical layer network infrastructure for a rapidly changing connectivity environment.

Ready for today’s demand, and tomorrow’s

The accelerating change brought on by disruptive trends such as cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), and network convergence will require building and campus networks to support greater speed, bandwidth, power, and future flexibility.

SYSTIMAX network infrastructure

Greater Mobility

SYSTIMAX provides the bandwidth and power needed to make technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6E possible.

Higher Bandwidth

CommScope’s advanced structured cabling ecosystem and intelligent management tools create future-ready infrastructure.

Increased Power

SYSTIMAX supports all PoE standards and goes beyond – overcoming application limitations in specific design configurations.

Advanced Convergence

SYSTIMAX provides connectivity in both the wall and the ceiling as IT and OT applications converge onto a single network.

Improved Flexibility

CommScope’s advanced physical layer infrastructure supports evolving networks with flexible, scalable solutions.

Simple, reliable, adaptable

SYSTIMAX is CommScope’s comprehensive copper and fiber structured cabling solution. Combining high-bandwidth data connectivity and power, the solution is engineered for long-term performance that anticipates future network changes and convergence.