Vigilant VehicleManager
License Plate Recognition Software

Transform license plates into leads.

Go beyond basic searches and hot list alerts with patented vehicle location analytics and access to billions of detections enabled by agency-defined data retention and simple but controlled data sharing.

Data Is Cumbersome. Intelligence Is Actionable.

License plate recognition (LPR) data alone solves nothing. It is only with analysis that it can reveal patterns, trends, and associations that generate leads and close cases.

Take your agency beyond simple license plate searches and hot list alerts in order to find vehicles of interest faster. Vigilant PlateSearch, a part of the LEARN platform, is a vehicle location intelligence solution that builds upon the basics of license plate recognition with patented, powerful analytics that help your team.

Vigilant VehicleManager

Find the Needle In A Haystack

Easily search for, find, and review the location history of a vehicle of interest and determine where it may be located in the future. Vigilant PlateSearch provides complete and partial plate search capabilities with date and time filters to focus on detections that are most relevant. Detection data is intuitively displayed in a timeline view as well as on a map with integrated Google Street View. And when you’re ready to intercept your vehicle of interest, Vigilant PlateSearch provides a best-address location and time-of-day, day-of-week heat map to determine when the vehicle is most likely to be there.

Discover New Vehicle Leads

Jump-start your investigation by identifying vehicles you may not have known were connected to one another or specific locations. Our location-based, Stakeout search capability allows you to create a geo-fence, set a time and date range, and even apply vehicle year, make, and model filters to find a vehicle that has frequented a specific area. Even search across locations to find a vehicle common to multiple areas. Looking for multiple vehicles? Once you’ve identified your vehicle of interest, conduct an associate or convoy analysis to determine others that have been sighted parked near or traveling with your target vehicle.

Heighten Your Awareness

Configure hot lists and alerts for vehicles of interest to your agency and partner agencies. Hot list creation can be done at the individual, group, or agency level with provisions for who has access. To enhance collaboration with law enforcement partners, you can also share and subscribe to hot lists. To receive alerts when a hot listed vehicle is detected, you have various options at your disposal.

Control Your Systems & Data

Beyond advanced search, analysis, and alerting, Vigilant PlateSearch is designed to keep you in complete control of your systems and data. Manage your Motorola Solutions LPR camera systems as well as integrate LPR data from other systems all in one place. Additionally, choose how long your data is retained based on your local law and regulations – not our rules. Lastly, our easy data sharing capabilities, with built-in memorandum of understanding (MOU) templates enable you to better collaborate with other law enforcement agencies as well as local business partners.

Designed For Responsible Use

License plate recognition is not a trivial technology. That’s why we take security seriously. Vigilant PlateSearch is designed to work seamlessly with our camera systems to provide data protection and integrity with end-to-end encryption and hashing. Access to your system requires authentication from a secure web browser, and you can provision users and groups to only have access to certain features or capabilities. Within the system, every keystroke and user action is recorded, with additional usage justification requirements for certain functionality, so that detailed audits can be conducted and accountability is never compromised.

A part of having a secure system is making sure that you’re staying up to date. That is why we routinely deliver system updates to you that not only keep you secure, but bring you our best, most powerful new features as soon as they are ready. Software updates for Vigilant PlateSearch occur automatically and almost always include advance notification with information on enhancements.